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All comments below are from actual clients, and appear on this page with their permission.

Marriage, Couples, Relationship and Family Therapy Testimonials

As a couple in our 40’s we had previously tried other therapists with little success. Then we found you. You are very easy to connect with as a person and as a therapist. You are highly intuitive and most important, trustworthy. You restored the core trust in our relationship. As any couple, we still have our minor spats, but nothing like before, and thanks to you, trust is no longer an issue.

WA & CA, Husband and Wife

Living as a gay couple we are constantly challenged with cultural, familial, and religious pressures on all sides. Naturally here in Arizona this has been very difficult to navigate through. You have been extremely valuable to our relationship growth through your unending listening and passion to help. Your advice and guidance has truly been priceless.

ZB (36) & JW (55), Male Partners

Things are going pretty good between my husband and I since I moved back in. We have had a few moments but they seem to be quick so that’s good.  We truly believe we wouldn’t be here and together again today if it wasn’t for your help and guidance. We are very thankful and appreciative. We truly appreciate all your help.   Thank you for all you have done!

TC (40), Female

Gordon Gunnell, MS, LMFT, LISAC

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I found you when our marriage was at a crossroads. I was full of doubt but desperate to try anything to save our family.  In the phone consultation, you managed to give me hope again that we could find our way back to happiness.  From you I learned that we weren’t alone, that many happy and healthy couples struggle at some point, that we needed to learn the tools to “be married”.  These simple facts made me feel less isolated and afraid.  It wasn’t easy, and it wasn’t fast, but with your wisdom and guidance we found our way back again.  Even now, two years later and while waiting for the arrival of our second child, we will still sometimes stop and say, “What would Gordon tell us to do right now?”

SS, Female (38)

A few years ago, at a very sad and painful time, we found your website. Your approach as you outlined it on your website made us feel it was worth traveling many miles to meet with you at various times of family crisis. When we didn’t realize we were “stuck” you helped us recognize certain situations for what they were and how to cope with them. When we needed help with what to do next you helped us find that next step and the steps thereafter. When others’ actions jeopardized our marriage you helped us define boundaries and have the strength to keep them.

PB (58) and BB (58), Husband and Wife

You have been very instrumental in the good health of our relationship.  Whether marital relationship issues or parenting, you have a very positive way of bringing us closer together.  We are very grateful to have you on our team!

RH (45) and SH (38)

You were skilled in humbly sharing from your own life experiences in ways that were so valuable to us. You quickly helped us see our issues, and find answers, in the complex relationships of our new blended family.

CA and SA (40’s)

Individual Therapy Testimonials

It is difficult to adequately describe how much you have helped me. As someone with a textbook case of ADHD, I struggle with empathy and the ability to see things from other people’s perspectives. As most know, empathy and communication are incredibly important in a marriage and quite destructive when missing. These destructive traits of mine brought my marriage to a breaking point. Thankfully my wife did not give up and found you. Your ability to use your personal experiences to demonstrate how two people’s actions affect each other was key to reaching me. It was like seeing my own actions from a 3rd person perspective, which allowed me to understand how my own actions affected others. Without your help my family would not be where it is today, and my wife and I would not be expecting our second child.

CS, Male (36)

I have been coming to see you off and on for over five years. In the beginning I was trying to find my way through a difficult dating relationship. You helped me find myself again and work through the hard times of my relationship. I continue to come and see you when I feel the need, and the sessions are very enlightening. I find myself taking notes and having “a-ha” moments as we discuss my life, work, relationships, family dynamics. You have a great way of suggesting tactics through stories. It helps me relate to what I am going through.  I find you to be passionate about your profession, and that you enjoy helping me through my life’s trials. Thank you Gordon for all the guidance.

CF (32), Female

You changed my life—at 47  I’m finally free from self-doubt, denial, and self-loathing. My marriage is great, largely due to my new found ability to set boundaries and change my communication style. I have learned that I can put in place a personal boundary with the knowledge that those close to me and who truly love me will respond to my limits. Gordon, honestly from the heart, THANK YOU. I almost lived without really living.

TT (47), Female

I have been coming to see you for over two years off and on. I have appreciated your calm and thoughtful insights that have truly helped me to make changes in my life that have made me a better and happier person. I plan on continuing to come see you when I feel I need to. I think you are a wonderful therapist and person.

LF (40), Female

As an experienced counselor, you listen with ears, eyes and heart and respond with compassion, caring and understanding. I appreciate your practical advice based on study, research and personal experience. I have always felt free to express my feelings and experience a calming release of anxiety and a more positive attitude afterward.

SB (70), Female

Talking with you has been central to personal healing for me. You are compassionate and kind in your listening, and your questions and insights have helped me identify what it is I am feeling and how I can push through, move forward, and make crucial changes.

EC (32), Female 

Quite simply, Gordon saved my family. He doesn’t just listen. He probes. He participates. He genuinely cares. I would recommend him highly.

RF (65), Male

My world was chaotic when I reached out to you for help. You helped me realize that I have the ability to cope with what I cannot change.

GE (35), Male

PLEASE NOTE: There are many factors that influence both the process and the outcome of therapy. While I cannot provide you an unconditional guarantee for a specific therapy outcome, my goal in working with you is to create hope, motivation, understanding, skills and techniques so that you can close the gap between the way things are and the way you want them to be.